Certification for sustainable development with focus on the client’s investments

Being a member shows sustainable development and focus on the customers investment

You will get statistics and find trends in different countries and how to best visualize your digital marketing. Together we build bridges and increase e-commerce across borders. You will receive information about the consumer's changes, values and live patterns so that you can comply with the digital marketing. As a member, you can also streamline your internal routines and create better business by working with DQM Quality Management Systems.

DQM - reassures prospective and loyal clients about their choice of partner

Organisations that work with DQM's quality management system stimulate a healthy market competition. The purpose of the system is  to quality assure your services and products by establishing clear guidelines for your work and implementing continual improvements. This reassures prospective and loyal clients about their choice of partner.
As a member, you receive updates about trends and innovations, participate in research and get an opportunity to influence your industry.

DQM's quality management system  secures investment and that the organization works continuously and systematically with improvements.

Nine reasons to get certified

Internal routines

  • Simpler working procedures, higher security and greater client satisfaction.
  • Conserves resources by reducing the need for in-house-developed working procedures.
  • A well-established decision-making basis that constitutes standard market practice.

Customer satisfaction

  • Customer satisfied and feel secure about his investments.
  • Your ability to pass a third-party audit with flying colours guarantees peace of mind for your clients.
  •  Contributing to sustainable development.

Better business

  • Clients with clear requirements for their investments and purchases choose certified agencies.
  • Contribute to a sustainable development
  • A deciding factor for reaching an international market, where your organisation needs to meet global market demands.

DQM - Makes Return of Investment

DQM certification acts as a guarantee to the clients that the company are focused on the client’s investments