Digital Quality Managent for Europe

Our position in Europe

The standardization system in Europe is based on the National Standardization Bodies and the members of CEN.  A National Standardization Body is the main focal point of access to the concerted system, which comprises regional (European) and international (ISO) standardization. It is the responsibility of the CEN National Members to implement European Standards as national standards.

Many businesses have demands from their customers to meet the requirements of a standard management system, such as ISO 9000. A management system that is ISO 9001 certified is a good base for controlling and improving the quality of goods, services and processes.

DQM's quality management system provides good support for overall understanding and systematics in quality development in order to continue to develop. A DQM certification is a subset of an improvement work in the organization. The ISO 9001 is based on several management principles that fit well with the basic processes of the DQM management system. As the digital world changes so quickly that such a large organization as CEN or ISO could not be associated with rapid changes, DQM has chosen to go beyond the big organizations. The purpose of DQM's work and its own developed management system is to get a consensus on digital marketing, provide end-user security and create a healthy competitive market.

DQM - Makes Return of Investment

DQM certification acts as a guarantee to the clients that the company are focused on the client’s investments