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About us

The DQM Europe company works with research, development and certification in the field of digital marketing – in and for Europe. We want to assure cross-border trade, establish common ground in a rapidly changing world, and stimulate healthy market competition. DQM has joined forces with the industry to create an in-house-developed quality management system with associated certification.

The system is a tool for quality assuring deliveries, for collecting data, and for improving internal work. DQM actively works to influence and transfer knowledge between European countries. DQM calls attention to both positive and negative trends.

Representing the market ecosystem in Europe – from company to client and end-customers – makes DQM unique: we support rapid return of investments.

DQM’s organisation and board of directors are made up of leading engineers and data innovators, digital marketing agencies and media companies.

Members covers a the costs for DQM’s development work. Using material from this website without the express permission of the copyright holder, DQM, is strictly prohibited.

It is important for us to continually develop our quality management system and to assure it together with leading companies.

DQM - the first and only quality management system

DQM is the first and only quality management system that is customised for digital marketing. It is a set of management processes for the delivery of services to businesses and customers. The management processes are formed by the Certification Committee and the audit identifies any need for improvements.

The audit looks at competencies, security, communication, reporting, linking, availability and SEO, as well as specific conditions necessary for running a good business.

The management system has been developed according to the most important guidelines and continual revision keeps it up to date.

Certified companies are leading the way, assuring investments, and working in a structured and secure manner.


  • Secure the highest possible value for organisations and their clients, at the same time provide them with the opportunity for Europe growth.
  • Stimulate competition within digital marketing

DQM - Makes Return of Investment

DQM certification acts as a guarantee to the clients that the company are focused on the client’s investments