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Companies that work according to DQM's quality management system are the best in the industry.

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DQM Europe is an organisation that works with development and certification in digital marketing

We want to assure cross-border trade, establish common ground in a rapidly changing world, and healthy market competition. We do this by means of studies, surveys and quality management system: DQM, Digital Quality Management.

The purpose of the system is for companies to quality assure their services and products by establishing guidelines for their work and continuous improvements. Our certification guarantees that the company works towards achieving its clients’ goals and evaluates their way of working. DQM stimulates high standards for companies  and they are only approved after a verification audit. The audit includes competencies, security, communication, reporting, linking, availability and SEO, and how to run a good business.

DQM is customised for the digital market

Verification audits is done in line with the European Commission's priorities. The management system has been developed according to the most important guidelines. This ensures that certified companies are always leading the way.

  • As a certified agency, your ability to pass a third-party audit guarantees peace of mind for your clients.
  • A DQM certificate may be a deciding factor in procurements for reaching an international market, where your company needs to meet a global market
  • A certificate is a well-established decision-making basis that constitutes standard market practice

DQM's quality management system is customised for the digital market, and geared towards assured investments and client satisfaction.

DQM - Makes Return of Investment

DQM certification acts as a guarantee to the clients that the company are focused on the client’s investments